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DIY or hire a Pro? Repair a Running Toilet Remove "Popcorn" Texture
Replace an Outlet Eliminate Water Hammer Patch a Hole in Drywall
Replace a Light Switch Fix a Faucet Texture Drywall
Replace Asphalt Shingles Remove Wallpaper Choose a Glue
Repair Cracked Grout Match Old Paint Choose a Masking Tape
Remove Grout Stains Replace a Door Choose a Caulk
Select Grout Colors Repair a Sliding Door  

Tips & Tricks:

  Make a wire nut spinner
I have admired a similar tool as this every time Id seen an electrician using one, but had not been able to find a retailer or manufacturer...
Razor sharp paint lines
Even over textured surfaces, it's easy to get perfectly straight paint lines every time without the paint running under the tape.
  50 Hand Saver
I use this tool often in areas where the larger ones won't fit.  Even wearing gloves I inevitably blister my hands, and also tear the rubber cover on the tool...
Never-lose straw holder
The straw taped to the side of aerosol cans doesn't stay there forever.  Now it can... 
  Quick & easy door removal
Often while painting or tiling, I've found it easier to remove a door than to work around it...
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