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Options for Custom Shower Designs

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When designing your new shower, be informed of what's possible - both in function and appearance.  Careful planning now will ensure a long lasting enjoyment of your investment.  

Below are several considerations with explanations; click a photo for larger images of and before & after pictures.

expand your space
leg shaving steps
location of valves & shower heads
shower wands & body sprays
decorative trim, listellos, & listettes
river rock & mosaic floors
layouts - grid, running bond, versailles
tile sizes
tile baseboards using bullnose
links to other designs
how to pick a grout color

expand your space -
adjacent unused space may be better used in a larger shower.

leg shaving steps - 
those who use them will never be without one again.
benches - 
also useful for leg shaving, but you may want to consider adding a wand for rinsing off while sitting.  Suppliers of pre-formed benches include Better Bench and FinPan.
shelving - 
create different sizes for different objects or users.  Use pieces of tile to make a ledge, or build recessed shelves.  Suppliers of pre-formed niches include The Noble Company and FinPan.
location of valves & shower heads - 
when making a walk-in shower, being able to turn on the water at the opening and walk into the water is a plus.  Also consider raising the shower head to suit rain heads or taller users.
shower wands & body sprays - 
wands may be made in addition to shower heads or as a removable combination.  Be mindful of pressure and direction if designing without a door or curtain.
vents - 
great for visual interest as well as promoting airflow for moisture removal.  Consider adding a fan timer switch to lengthen moisture removal time; combination fan/light units are also a plus as added walls will decrease ambient light.  Also consider anchoring the pony wall to the ceiling for stability, or making it "L" shaped (though this may interfere with an adjacent toilet). 
decorative trim / listellos / bands
may be purchased pre-made, cut into sheets, or assemble on your own.  When making your own, adhere to a piece of felt membrane, then to the shower surface.  Several examples of pre-made designs may be seen here.
mosaic floors & river rock
smaller tiles accord well to the shape of a shower pan - mosaics offer uniform thickness and river rock provides a unique look and a great feel.  For rock and all natural stone, get this wet before deciding on the color.
layouts: grid, running bond, accents, versailles, pinwheel -
any stone tile (or tile that looks like stone) takes on a unique look when staggered as if it were actual blocks that make up a wall - though a grid pattern may also be preferred.  
Versailles is a pattern that appears to be random due to the various sizes of tile used.  Appearances may vary with the size of the room, shower or tile, so also consider diamond-set or accent tiles.
grid patterns:
running bond patterns:
diamond-set top:
accent tiles:
versailles: pinwheel:
tile sizes - 
small tiles can make a small room look bigger, and large tiles can make a large room less busy.

18" floor & 9" x 18" wall


14" and 7"



12" and 6"

8" tile and 2" trim

6" 6" x 3" tile and 1" trim
tile baseboards using bullnose - 
with no need to paint or caulk, tile baseboards continue the look & feel of the tile around the room, and are not as vulnerable to moisture as regular baseboards.
When you would like to make an appointment to design your new shower, please contact me.  Have in mind the general function and mood you'd like to have created, and I will take care of the rest.
Links to other designs:

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